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The Department of Radiology in Pulse Hospital has equipped with the leading technology and improved its standard to multi speciality conditions for the diagnostic work.

Radiology is the branch of medicine that uses x-rays and other radiations to treat and diagnose the diseases. There are two types of radiology: one is diagnostic radiology and the other is interventional radiology.

Diagnostic Radiology uses radiation to imaging the anatomical structures in the human body and helps in procedures to diagnosis of the patient. It helps the physician and health professionals to diagnose the cause of the symptom, helps in identifying the patient's body responses to the treatment and in screening of the major ailments.

In the Interventional Radiology, the imaging techniques like CT, ultrasound were used by the physicians to perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. It reduces the expenses and risks of the patients undergoing diagnosis and it also reduces the recovery time and makes the patients to get back to their routine work very quickly.

Facilities Available
Best Radiology Hospital in Bhilai

In-house CT Scan Machine

Best Radiology Hospital in Bhilai

Advanced Ultra Sonography Machine

Best Radiology Hospital in Bhilai

Digital X-ray Machine

Best Radiology Hospital in Bhilai

C-Arm X-Ray Machine